A cover

During my collaborating with the director for the featuring film "Videomannen" I´ve been working on a filmposter. The genre "drama, black comedy with a bit of romance" are a few if the main reflections in this art-piece. With layers of photography, hand drawings and manipulation of pictures I have my first sketch and draft for which might be the dvd cover in the future. What do you guys think?

Art for the upcoming feature film "Videomannen"

I´m honored to be collaborating with the director Kristian A. Söderström with his upcoming feature film Videomannen.

Art for the interiors will be shown in the film. Wall art and poster art, the theme of the expression will be 80s touch". I cant wait! This is going to be so much fun!  See the collection here

DESIGN & ART FAIR Ala´London 25-26 april

In late April Flaflex.a will attend on Gothenburgs biggest design and art fair at Á la London. This is a fun chalange and I´m happy to have the chance to show my art to you guys! There is a whole lot to do still and i´m all psyched about it. Hope to show you a start on the new collection at the fair. 

See you all there!  


A new web page for flaflex.a CREATIVE STUDIO-art and design

Hello friends, 

At the moment Im trying to build my own webpage with pieces of my art collections, my portfolio and a summery of what I´m working on at the moment. No, I´m not a blogger, so therefore I will not be writhing much but occasional there will be a few lines from my creative mind. Also, I might not always spell right or thats not because I´m not focused enough rather I´m to eager to get my lines out there in cyberspace ;)

Oh! And also, I want to give you a hint of Abstract Avilyn, a Dj collective, where I play some good tunes together with my friend. Mostly dreamwave, minimal wave, outrun electro, EBM, synthpop. 

For more info, vistit : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Abstract-Avilyn/648865981820150and read about us here: http://www.upplevgbg.se/film/dreamwave-musik-axelvaddar-och-neon/

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